Official Welcome to The Gamers Realms


Chat Moderator

If you're reading this I would like to personally welcome you to The Gamers Realms website. This website is community-oriented, we love to see people and groups come together and become a great "family". Although we may be a new forums site, we are growing at a fast paste and we owe it all to our amazing community. When creating a thread or a post we ask that you please post it in the correct category, if posted in the wrong category we will remove the post and message your account to let you know.
Another friendly reminder is please keep all comments and post respectful and polite, trust me as a fellow gamer I know stuff can get heated although please let's try our best to keep this a community where people wanna come and hang out and share their stories.
If our staff finds that you aren't following our guild lines and rules then you leave us no option than other banning your account.
Other than following the rules we appreciate you for stopping by and reading this post, I personally welcome you to site.

Sincere Regards,
Logan G. - CEO